Friday, September 01, 2006

Start Talking!

You made the jump and started a business from your home. You weren't sure but you figured word of mouth would have been spreading quicker somehow, right? Don't wait for others to do all the talking..... get out there and be shouting loud about your business.

Sure, your friends and family members will for the most part be supportive of what you are doing but they may not be the best way to go for spreading the news about what your business can offer. Consider who would make a good customer and then go look for them and ways to meet them. Chamber of Commerce meetings; the local PTA meetings; anyplace that will have folks you can talk to about your business. Drop samples of your product off if possible. Even a well placed phone call can work wonders.

Do some online networking as well through message boards and mailing lists. Don't spam the forums as that is greatly looked down upon. Join them and really participate and contribute to what they have to offer. You can make some fantastic connections online that really can help spread the word quickly.

Carry busines cards with you at all times and really start looking for ways to hand them out. Place them on bulletin boards in shopping centers. Place a business card down on the table when you leave a tip at the next resturant you eat at.

What ways have you been talking about yourself to others?

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru The Attic Door

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