Friday, November 17, 2006

I've become "hooked"

I have become "hooked" by all this talk of Needle Punch.
After reading the article that Kelle wrote awhile ago....I knew that I wanted to add it to the blog and learn more about it. I have been seeing it in different magazines and more and more folks are trying it as their craft.

I have been looking into getting my supplies. I live in Canada and not everyone will ship items up here so I have to look around. For patterns.....that part was super simple....PATTERNMART of course!

Have you seen the patterns offered for this? Oh I am going to have a hard time picking which one I want to do first. I have been a good girl this year and think I need to send "santa" a list to order from. LOL

Have you tried this yet? How long did it take you? I am thinking I am going to become hooked quite quickly and will be finding it hard to want to do anything else for awhile! LOL I already have an array of ideas racing thru my mind on how I can incorporate needle punch into what I already create.

Come on....... lets join the fun and get "punching"

Cedara of

Punch Needle Revival

Posted on 2006-07-25 by Kelle Arvay
Category: Punch Needle

Originally called Russian Punch Needle Embroidery, this unique art form has been around since the days of ancient Egyptians and widely used in the 1700's. What we are seeing today is a renewed interest in the art form with the possibilities of designs being endless. In the last six months or so there has been an increased popularity when it comes to Punch Needle and you will find many more designers offering Punch Needle patterns. Punch Needle is a very easy craft to do even for a beginner. It consist of a punch needle tool, gripper frame, weavers cloth and skiens of cotton or wool floss. Basically you use your threaded punch needle tool to "punch" the floss through the weavers cloth over and over to create a finished design. If you haven't tried Punch Needle, I'd highly recommend it. Not only is it easy but it's a craft that is portable and can be taken with you anywhere. The great thing about Punch Needle is you can create a work of art of just about any design. Everything from primitive style designs, flowers to more cute designs. Your imagination is the only limit. There are also so many things you could put punch needle designs on.Everything from framing them to creating handbags to just name a couple. Designs can range from very simplistic to very intricate. I would recommend if your a beginner to start with a simple design. Most Punch Needle designs are quite small. Ranging from three to four inches in size. Once you get going though you certainly could become more ambitious and create designs that are larger. Happy punching! © Kelle Arvay

Author: Kelle Arvay
Bio:Kelle Arvay is a doll pattern designer and long time artist. She also is the owner of which has thousands of craft patterns that can be downloaded instantly. In addition, she is also the co-publisher of Creative Times magazine, which is a bi-monthly downloadable magazine full of crafting articles, trends, interviews and several free patterns in each issue.

Creating a Time Worn Look with Flea Market Finds

Posted on 2006-10-10 by Kelle Arvay Category: Craft Business Articles

If you love the look of Primitives and would love to add more pieces to your home, consider creating your own or visiting local flea markets for that next treasure. When we first moved to our home years ago money was rather tight with the reality of a higher mortgage and just the general cost of living. Our home was built in 1916 and really has a wonderful charm to it unlike some of the brand new homes being built today. We knew when we saw this home that it was meant to be adorned with Primitives.

Not having a lot of money to spare back then we started to decorate our home by picking up pieces at flea markets, estate sales and auctions. Most of them needed a coat of paint and a lot of sanding to create a worn look. The great thing about finding pieces at these type of venues is the low cost. I recall picking up a three shelf standing piece that had a drawer at the bottom. It was simply stained. I could see the potential to turn this piece into a more primitive looking piece. So with black and mustard colored paint in one hand and sandpaper in the other, I set out to turn back time on this charming piece.

To start I sanded the wood to scruff it up so it would take the paint better. Next I painted it black as my base color.Next came a coat of mustard colored paint. Once it was completely dry I sanded the edges all over to give it a worn look. I sanded all the way down so the black paint showed through. Any piece you sand you'll want to consentrate on any knobs, handles and edges as those are the spots that wear first when it occurs naturally. Finally I applied some wax stain over the entire piece.

You can also find some really neat architechtural pieces as well. One in peticular I recall finding and I love to this day is a large old round porch post. It is huge. Probably about 14 inches wide and 8 feet tall. I also found a large old wood birdhouse with a metal roof. The post and bird house were both painted white and the paint was peeling quite a lot on both. So they were both in what I would consider perfectly primitive condition. With my husband's help we mounted the birdhouse on top of the post and cemented it in the front yard. To this day we enjoy watching the birds making their nests in it every year.

Old wooden doors make wonderful decorating pieces. Add a horizontal shelf across the door and put it in the corner of a room, outside on a porch or cut one in half and make a really neat corner shelf unit. The corner door shelves can hold your collection of make do's or smaller antiques. Old sleds make great pieces for your porch as well. During the holiday's add a sprig of firs to it.
Other pieces you might come across is old early silverware. I love setting my porch table with old place settings. These ofcourse are just for looks but they are so charming. You can also find old rusty kitchen utensils, collandars, ladels, flour sifters and other kitchen items to use in your decor. Old rake heads make great places to hold your old rolling pins. Take several old metal rakes, the kind that curl a bit on the ends and cut them off to just the rake head. Mount them on your wall vertically and set your rolling pin on each rake. Have fun, be creative and befor you know it you'll have found that next wonderful treasure to decorate your home with.

Author: Kelle Arvay
Bio:Kelle Arvay is a doll pattern designer and long time artist. She also is the owner of which has thousands of craft patterns that can be downloaded instantly. In addition, she is also the co-publisher of Creative Times magazine, which is a bi-monthly downloadable magazine full of crafting articles, trends, interviews and several free patterns in each issue.


I did it!
I took one of the courses offered on Patternmart.
It was so simple to do.... just found which one I was interested in...clicked....took my class.
The price was perfect and I now have some great tips on how to help me create a round doll head. Its something I've been wanting to learn for quite awhile and now I have.

What are you waiting for? Its so simple!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

How to save precious TIME when you sell patterns

If you sell e-patterns and mail them to customers, how much time collectively do you think you spend in a week e-mailing the files to them? How much time in a month? Sending a e-pattern via e-mail is not a hard task but it does take a few minutes to do. Those minutes add up.

More so than that, how often are you checking your e-mail to see if you have a new e-pattern sale? That takes time as well.

If your not automating, your wasting the one resource that is limited to you....YOUR TIME. By automating the process you not only satisfy the customers desire for instant gratification but you free yourself from constantly being in front of the computer. What could you be doing instead? Creating? Designing more patterns? Ofcourse!

This is why I wanted to share with you the service of IPM Pro. IPM Pro, allows you to sell your e-patterns or any type of downloadable item in a instant fashion. No more e-mailing the file to customers, no more constantly checking your inbox. If your on vacation....NO WORRIES. Let IPM Pro handle those sales for you.

What IPM Pro does is it allows you to create a automated e-pattern (or any file type) business. The customer purchases your pattern, pays for it and then downloads it instantly after payment. How cool is that!?

I don't know about you, but my time is precious and I will NEVER go back to solely e-mailing e-patterns. Ofcourse on occasion I do for customers that purchase them via email orders, etc., but on a whole IPM Pro has saved me a bunch of much needed extra time.

Check it out for yourself. The value of this type of service is fantastic and you can automate your e-pattern business starting at a low $5 a month.

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