Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't Ride the Roller Coaster!

Sometimes the day just seems crazier then usual. Don't let it get you all ruffled and stressed out. You will do much better with your business if you learn to control the levels of stress happening around you. There will always be "something" that can go wrong.....just prepare yourself a bit better for those "somethings" and you will do much better handling them.

Make relaxation part of your daily routine: Take 15 minutes each day to reflect and have downtime. You can squeeze at least 15 minutes from your day. You waste too much energy on regrets. Recognize your successes, let go of your stress, and decide on the best "next step" for you

Turn frustration/craziness into inspiration: When an obstacle crosses your path, it's much easier to get riled up than it is to calm down. No one can predict the future. Instead of becoming aggravated about things that are out of your control, relax and try to spot something good that can come out of it. You'll be amazed at what you can find GOOD if you just learn to look at something different.

To really relax, you have got to be true to yourself. Pay attention to any physical or emotional symptoms that arise in response to any stress that seems to be happening in your life. When you feel yourself getting anxious, recognize that it's OK to relax, slack off for a short period, or get more rest.

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru The Attic Door

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