Friday, September 01, 2006

Here's My Card...

You meet someone while out and its a great connection for your business. You reach into your purse and hand them a business card.They glance at it quickly and it gets placed away.


Many people overlook the value of having a professional business card and yet it's often the first item folks receive from you. Your business card is your first opportunity to make a strong, positive first impression on them.

When creating a card for your business, remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE! The typical card is only 3.5"x2" and that really isn't alot of space to work with. Don't over power the card with a logo that is too large.The font you use should be easy to read and make sure to have "white space" to even the look out.

Don't clutter the card with too much information. What really needs to be on your business card?Your name is a good thing to be there(some folks actually forget that!), along with the name of your company (via your logo), and some way for them to contact you......your phone number and/or your e-mail address. Space permitting, you can add your physical address,a cell-phone number and company website address. Don't clutter things up too much--as with the design, simple is always better.

You want to present a business card that gives the person something to "remember" and call upon at the right time.You want them to think of your business and not someone else. Take your card out and look it over with all this in mind...... in need of a new business card?

Tracy(Cedara)Dunn of Thru The Attic Door

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