Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Designing Minute

I made it back into my studio over the last couple days. It's amazing just how much I missed designing. I was itching to sew and work on a new doll.

I usually start out with a idea in my head and then opt to sketch it. It's just a quick 1-2 minute sketch to just get the idea on paper. Usually the finished doll doesn't look exactly like the sketch and that's ok. The purpose of the sketch is to give yourself a outline of sorts.

This doll is not quite finished yet and I'll work on her a bit more later. I have her sitting next to my desk and throughout the day I glance at her as if I'm waiting for her to tell me what else she needs and what creation I should make for her hold.

Try sketching your ideas. Even if drawing isn't your most natural talent and your sketch isn't quite as good as your 4 year olds, that's ok! It's meant to simply get the ideas on paper and give you a foundation to build upon.

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