Friday, November 17, 2006

I've become "hooked"

I have become "hooked" by all this talk of Needle Punch.
After reading the article that Kelle wrote awhile ago....I knew that I wanted to add it to the blog and learn more about it. I have been seeing it in different magazines and more and more folks are trying it as their craft.

I have been looking into getting my supplies. I live in Canada and not everyone will ship items up here so I have to look around. For patterns.....that part was super simple....PATTERNMART of course!

Have you seen the patterns offered for this? Oh I am going to have a hard time picking which one I want to do first. I have been a good girl this year and think I need to send "santa" a list to order from. LOL

Have you tried this yet? How long did it take you? I am thinking I am going to become hooked quite quickly and will be finding it hard to want to do anything else for awhile! LOL I already have an array of ideas racing thru my mind on how I can incorporate needle punch into what I already create.

Come on....... lets join the fun and get "punching"

Cedara of

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