Friday, November 10, 2006

How to save precious TIME when you sell patterns

If you sell e-patterns and mail them to customers, how much time collectively do you think you spend in a week e-mailing the files to them? How much time in a month? Sending a e-pattern via e-mail is not a hard task but it does take a few minutes to do. Those minutes add up.

More so than that, how often are you checking your e-mail to see if you have a new e-pattern sale? That takes time as well.

If your not automating, your wasting the one resource that is limited to you....YOUR TIME. By automating the process you not only satisfy the customers desire for instant gratification but you free yourself from constantly being in front of the computer. What could you be doing instead? Creating? Designing more patterns? Ofcourse!

This is why I wanted to share with you the service of IPM Pro. IPM Pro, allows you to sell your e-patterns or any type of downloadable item in a instant fashion. No more e-mailing the file to customers, no more constantly checking your inbox. If your on vacation....NO WORRIES. Let IPM Pro handle those sales for you.

What IPM Pro does is it allows you to create a automated e-pattern (or any file type) business. The customer purchases your pattern, pays for it and then downloads it instantly after payment. How cool is that!?

I don't know about you, but my time is precious and I will NEVER go back to solely e-mailing e-patterns. Ofcourse on occasion I do for customers that purchase them via email orders, etc., but on a whole IPM Pro has saved me a bunch of much needed extra time.

Check it out for yourself. The value of this type of service is fantastic and you can automate your e-pattern business starting at a low $5 a month.

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