Sunday, October 15, 2006

Not Feeling Creative?

So I'm the first to admit that not every day do I feel like I can be creative.Sometimes I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Sometimes its the weather itself that has my "spark" feeling a bit damp. We all have days and moments like that. The thing to remember during such times..... we have to keep moving forward. This mood will pass!!!!

Some of the things I like to do to recharge my creative side:

~ Listen to my fave songs on my MP3 player.
~Light some of my fave candles in my room and fill it with a wonderful aroma.
~Go for a walk outside. The leaves are changing and the wind is brick.
~Bring out my sketchbook and pencils....flip thru the pages and see what I had drawn before. What can I switch around and revamp right now into something?
~Bring some old magazines out and spread them on my bed and flip thru the pages.
~I like to toss my fabric onto the bed..... start mixing and matching different textures and colors.

The uncreative mood doesn't last long. Next thing you know I have cinnamon bun tarts burning; Nickelback crunching loud from the speakers and papers covered with new ideas waiting to spring forth from the fabric to life!!

How do you break free from a block????

Cedara of

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