Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can you Smell the Eggnog????

OK! So I do know that Halloween hasn't even really passed us all yet but I can't help myself this year......the Christmas Season has just taken over my thoughts! LOL

All I seem to really be sketching or thinking about are the holidays. I see boughs of evergreens hung on my windows with large bright red bows. Floodlights of crisp white shone upon the house thru the snow.
OH! The snow! A blanket of snow already covering my yard and yet small sparkles of flakes fall quietly from above to glisten like diamonds left from fairies.

Sitting in a chair. Wearing bright red long johns!Holding a list of naughty and nice. A bag full of toys for placing under trees.

Evergreen boughs! Wreaths wrapped with bows! Lights! Ornies of every shape and size that you can imagine. Presents wrapped in bright paper and with each name written so clear on small tags from Santa.

The holiday season will be upon us all before we can blink our eyes.
Scoot over to and find yourself some wonderful patterns.

Make them yourself. Make ornies for a tree.
Give the gift of a new pattern to someone on your holiday list. Give them to everyone on your holiday list! You will find something for everyone!

Cedara of

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