Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Embellishing with Appliques: Part 2

Create your own appliques by cutting out patterns from fabric. Patterns can be those that you've drawn yourself or applique patterns that you've downloaded from others, or you can use coloring book pages, stitchery patterns or paint patterns to create appliques from. There are also a few different ways to use these as I've listed below.

  • The top picture below is a reverse applique in which the heart was cut from the top square and placed over the bottom square, then zigzagged to hold.
  • The middle picture is a rag quilted applique. Place applique on top of fabric and sew away from the edges 1/2" to 1" using a normal stitch. Then clip to rag.
  • The last picture shows a traditional applique. With this approach, the applique is cut from one fabric and zigzagged to the top of another piece of fabric.

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