Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gifts for the Doll Maker

A couple of weeks ago we discussed gifts for the quilter. Below are a few items that make great gifts for the primitive doll maker in your life. You may need to find out a few details before purchasing a few of the items below such as what types of faces your doll making friend creates, which fabric she prefers to use to make her dolls from, favorite staining technique(s) and such.

Various sizes of doll needles
Various sizes of black buttons for eyes
Find out her favorite paint colors if she paints on facial features and purchase some of those colors.
Muslin (bleached, natural or tea dyed) or osnaburg fabric
Ink crystals, coffee, tea for staining
Ground cinnamon & vanilla for grubbying and scenting
Mustard homespun fabric for doll clothes (this is a common request among doll makers as mustard is a difficult color to find or afford)
Black floss for eyelashes and other facial features
Other floss colors for hair
New pattern or gift certificate from her favorite doll designer(s)
5 pound box of fiberfil
Favorite wool/acrylic yarn for hair
Pinking shears
Doll chair(s)
Turning tools for doll limbs
Hemostats for stuffing

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