Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thank You! Welcome!

Today, we want to thank all Pattern Mart patrons and welcome those who have recently begun to shop on the site. Below are some tips that should make each transaction and download go more smoothly.

Adobe Reader is required to read the patterns you download from Pattern Mart. If you don't have Adobe Reader or haven't updated to the latest version, you can get that at the following link.

If you haven't purchased instant download patterns from yet, the following link contains helpful information so that you will receive your downloads properly.

If for some reason your download fails, you will most likely receive an email including a download link. All download links expire in 24 hours. If that download link expires or fails, simply forward your Paypal receipt to the Pattern Mart customer support team and you will receive a new download link in less than 24 hours. The receipt contains all the necessary information about your transaction so that we can better assist you. That contact information will be in the email that you received your download link in or you can fill out the form at the following link.

Happy downloading!

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