Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall Decorating

The first signs of fall are beginning to appear in nature. There was a red leaf in the driveway the other day, the crickets are chirping, the sun is setting earlier and the shadows are getting longer. The sounds are even different.

With this, fall decorating comes to mind. You don't have to get extravagant to decorate for fall. As a matter of fact the most subtle and inexpensive changes can be very effective. And most will work through the entire fall season.

1. Add a few candles around the home using fall colors and fall scents. The same idea will work for tarts (using a fall themed tart warmer would also add a nice touch to your decorating).
2. Change the welcome mats to fall themes.
3. Add small apple, pumpkin, candy corn, witch, bat, turkey, leaf, or other small fall wax bowl fillers to your potpourri baskets.
4. Better yet, many people like to add the small Christmas lights to their potpourri baskets as the warmth stimulates the aroma. Why not add a small strand of lights with fall colors. Never leave plugged-in lights unattended!
5. While we're discussing lighting, you can add a few fall colored lights to the green garland you normally use at Christmas. Hang around the windows or doors, over the mantle or on stair rails.
6. Add basket garland to a basket using fall themed buttons on wire or jute, or candle collars to a candle using fall colored beads on a wire. You will find a nice article about how to make basket garland and candle collars in the upcoming issue of Creative Times that will be released for download on September 1, 2008.
7. Glue pin backs to fall themed buttons or purchase low cost fall themed pins to attach to pillows.
8. Purchase pillow covers with fall themes that will fit over your existing throw pillows.
9. Use fall themed potholders in the kitchen.
10. For the dining area, buy inexpensive placemats with fall colors or themes. Make it interesting....mix and match 2 or 3 patterns that will work nicely together.

For those who would like to attempt making some of the above-mentioned decorations or other fall items yourself, visit You'll find several patterns for your fall decorating needs. We also have supplies that may work with your fall decorating ideas.

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