Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stumped for Creation?

Crafter’s block is much like writer’s block. What causes this loss of creative stimulation? Perhaps you have something else on your mind – like housework, yard work or shopping. Sometimes relieving the stress of these duties by either completing the tasks or hiring out the tasks can free your mind of the clutter and get those creative thoughts flowing again. Many people get crafty ideas while cleaning the house or shopping.

If mind clutter isn’t the problem, then maybe you just need to get out of the house for a bit. Take a walk or a scenic drive to stimulate your senses. What do you smell? Do you smell freshly cut grass, fast food, neighbors grilling, or roses? What do you see? Do you see clouds, a field of multi-colored flowers, old covered bridges, red barns, spotted cows, tall grass blowing in a field, kittens playing? What do you imagine used to be sold in that old corner store now overgrown with English ivy and faded from years of sun, snow, and wind? This is a bitter-sweet image – the days of the tin sign hanging over the door (now rusted from weather) and the old soft drink deep fridge with the bottle opener on the front (now a home for spiders) reminding us of simpler days before the world was so rush-rush.

Now, what do you hear? Ducks quacking, a babbling brook, birds chirping, dogs barking or bees buzzing? What do you imagine the animals are saying? Where will that brook flow to? By the time you return home, not only did you get a well deserved break, but your mind will be so full of ideas that you can only hope to get them all written on paper before you forget them. Good luck!

Honey Bee in Bush

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