Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learning How To Sew

Continuing with last week’s theme about learning how to sew is the following related article:
In the article, Susan explains how to learn to sew in a simple step-by-step procedure and explains where to seek possible help if self-teaching isn’t for you. I particularly agree with her ideas about beginning with simple patterns and how practice makes perfect.

Everyone makes sewing mistakes, even those of us with years of experience. ; ) Keeping that in mind, be sure to always have your seam ripper handy. That’s the main reason I believe it’s easier for you to begin with small projects because correcting mistakes is easier and quicker. I’d like to also point out that small projects are quickly finished allowing you to enjoy that sense of accomplishment faster.

A few fun, small projects that you might consider are pillows (as Susan suggested), potholders, pet quilts, and Christmas stockings. Vests and jumpers might be easy to start with if you’re considering articles of clothing, as they don’t have the collars or sleeves to fuss with.

I hope that you find this information helpful. To find a sewing project, go to

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Niki said...

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