Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Benefits of Buying or Selling Kits & Supplies

Did you know that doesn’t just specialize in pattern sales? If you already sell patterns on Pattern Mart, why not sell supplies or kits that coincide with your patterns? So many people don’t have time to run around town looking for all the supplies that patterns call for. This may be a great way for you to earn more money. Individual results will vary and success isn’t guaranteed, however it may be worth trying with a couple of your best-selling patterns. Many people will already have the generic materials such as batting, fiberfil, pins, etc. so there’s no need to include those types of materials in your kit.

It may be a good idea to include the pattern with the kit. It’s ok if your patterns are e-patterns. Email the pattern the day of the sale and put the kit in the mail as quickly as possible so that the customer receives it in a timely manner. Below are a few examples of kits you could offer:
  • pre-cut quilt squares
  • fabric to make a doll and doll clothes, yarn for hair, buttons for eyes and other doll accessories
  • fabric, measured antiquing ingredients, and sticks to make prim flowers
You may want to include separate supply lists – one for the kit supplies and another for the generic supplies. I also advise that you already have the kit supplies ready before adding it to the site so you are sure to have all the materials you promise the customer.

Not all supplies are available in all areas. Many people are attracted to your patterns based on the materials used to create the product, but may not be able to find the same fabric, etc. that was used to create the prototype for the pattern. Why not offer those materials individually? Or simply sell fabric and other unused crafting notions that you no longer need or want.

If you aren’t a Pattern Mart member and would like to sell craft kits and supplies on the site, you can click on the following link to sign up on the waiting list. You will be notified as openings become available.

This can be a fun experience for the seller and a time-saving experience for the buyer. Be sure to check out all the Supplies and Kits offered on Pattern Mart.

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