Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Weighted Doll Bottoms

Bottom weight adds stability for a doll to be able to sit by itself. You’ll find a list of common weighting materials after the instructions below.

1. To add bottom weight to a doll, you must first box stitch the corners of the doll’s bottom while the doll is still wrong side out.

2. The stitches should be placed about 1” from the corners. They may need to be placed further than 1” to get better stability depending on the height and width of the doll.

3. After placing the stitches, cut the excess corners off to ¼” seam allowance. Turn the doll body right side out to begin filling with weighting materials.

4. You can spoon in the weighting material or use a funnel.

5. Fill the bottom about an inch or so with weighting material. You will need to set the bottom on a flat surface so you can fill it evenly.

6. When satisfied with the weight, firmly stuff the doll with fiberfill. The doll will need to remain on the flat surface for stuffing so that the weighting material doesn’t shift.

Popular weighting materials are:
White play sand
Kitty litter
Saw dust (especially cedar)
Plastic pellets purchased at hobby stores
Rice and dry beans (placed in sealed plastic baggies to keep bugs away)

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