Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fabric Selection For Dolls and More

The most popular fabrics to make dolls from are muslin and osnaburg. Both come in a variety of shades---bleached, unbleached, multiple tea dyed shades, and more. You can stain it or paint it if desired.

Bleached, Unbleached & Tea Dyed Muslin

If you’re pressed for time, then you may need an alternative to painting all that fabric. Cotton fabrics are sold in a variety of colors and textures. Use black to make a mammy, crow or cat doll, orange to make a pumpkin head doll, cute prints for doll bodies and striped ticking for doll legs. Cotton batting is often used to make smaller projects like ornies, but why not create a large snowman from batting or cozy flannel?

Batting & Flannel

You can also apply the use of different fabrics to other primitive items as well such as striped ticking for candy canes or red fabric for apples. You can still make creations look prim with your grubby recipes. Below are pictures of a pineapple created from printed fabrics. Have fun with your creations, no matter which fabric you may choose.

Before Staining-----------------After Staining

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