Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time Savers for Sewing & Stuffing Doll Limbs

1. Trace doll legs and arms onto doubled muslin so that open ends are
butted against each other. This saves valuable time by sewing & cutting
around each set of arms & legs at one time. If you trace your arms on the
other side of the legs, you will also save fabric. Ü I used a blue marker so
that the trace lines would show up for the picture. You, of course, will use
a water soluble marker or a pencil for tracing.

2. The open ends (where you will stuff the limbs) will be at the center
of the pair of arms and legs. The trace lines are the sew lines. Reinforce
the stitches where the butted ends meet with the forward-back-forward
seam lock. Cut out the arms and legs. Be sure to leave about ¼” seam
allowance around the edges.

3. Cut the pair of arms and legs in the center so that the ends
will be open for stuffing.

4. Turn your long doll arms and legs Right Side Out to stuff, leaving
the top of the fabric doubled. This eliminates a lot of travel for the
fiber fill (you’re avoiding half the journey), therefore reducing the
time it takes to stuff each leg & arm.

5. Use needle nose pliers to stuff the limbs. An unsharpened pencil is
a good tool to pack the stuffing.

6. As you stuff the limbs, the fold will gradually move upwards.

7. Once you’ve stuffed to the recommended mark, finish unfolding the
arms and legs and you’re finished.

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