Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't you love the Scent of a Fabric Shoppe?????

Oh my goodness! The rush that happens as I walk thru the door into a fabric shoppe.
My eyes start glancing around the room grasping bits and pieces of pattern and color. Should I go right to the homespuns first? What about the array of holiday fabrics that I can see the saleslady still adding to? Oh wait...I can see a bolt of something catching my eye in the clearance bin!!!

I love to mix and match fabrics as well. Sometimes the strangest combinations really just CLICK and work perfect. I love when that happens. It can really make a creation stand out from the rest of the crowd.

I think that is half the fun of picking and chosing my fabric. Wondering what I will place it with and what part of the outfit it will become. Embellishments are always added.
I can sometimes pull out a piece of fabric on a bolt to get a good look.....and POOF..... a finished doll springs to life before my eyes.

Thats the fabric coming home with me that day! LOL

What fabric have you bought lately that brought forth a vision to your mind right away???

Cedara of

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