Friday, September 01, 2006

Finding a Craft Show

So once you make the choice of wanting to do a now have to FIND a show to take part in. This can be done in a few different ways. I was very lucky in that I knew someone that does quite a few shows and so I contacted her and asked a bunch of questions. Things all fell into place quickly after that.

Here are some other ways to find out about Craft Shows in your area:

~Contact nearby malls to see if they will have any upcoming shows..... you might want to start small like this to sort of get your feet wet. Most malls rent booths for a fair price. Some even have booths every weekend.

~Contact Chamber of Commerce to see if any members sponsor craft events.

~Search through local newspapers for upcoming shows...... some of the larger events take ads out in the papers. Clip them and save their information. It may not be enough time to get in on it this year but you have their contact information for next year.

~Ask local craftspeople about any local events they attend....... this is a wealth of information that you can work with. They will be able to give you feedback on shows that are "good" or ones that are worth skipping over.

~In this day and age, don't forget to search the Web for craft events in your area. Many communities have gone online to promote their area and attractions.

~Contact local churches to see if they sponsor any craft shows. A table of your goodies a few times a year thru the local church would be a great way to get folks knowing about your goodies

~If you live in a smaller community, make sure to expand your search to include show and events that will be happening in the neighboring towns. Expand as far away as you are willing to travel to showcase your creations.

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