Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Age for Patterns

It's time to welcome in a new age for patterns and I'm ready to do so with open arms.

Remember when having to deal with a pattern meant all the pattern pieces came printed on tissue paper? They'd tear on the corners and where you'd pin them to the fabric. UGHHHH! That era of pattern confusion has now come to an end with the patterns you can find at Patternmart.

With a few simple clicks of a button on your keyboard, you can be instantly downloading a pattern to your computer.Place what type of paper you wish to print out on and let the fun begin.You can even save some time by printing the pattern pieces onto cardstock!They'll be ready to cut and use right away.

How convenient and simple is that? What's stopping you?Go over and order some new patterns for your collection and start sewing something wonderful for Spring today! My collection is growing already! heehee There are over 300 patterns to chose from so far and more being added all the time.....there must be something that catches your eye!

Cedara of Thru The Attic Door

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